Madhu Wrap (Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap) – Set of 2 Large


Madhu Wrap (Beeswax Food Wrap) set of 2 Large in assorted prints handcrafted in herbal dyed certified organic cotton and pure natural beeswax.

Wrap sizes:

Large – 12″ x 14″



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This set of 2 Large Madhu Wraps is handcrafted in GOTS certified organic cotton with natural herbal dyes, pure natural beeswax, natural tree dammar gum and organic cold pressed coconut oil.

The fabric is dyed using natural herbal dyes which are not only food safe but also do not pollute the environment, unlike chemical and synthetic dyes.

Wrap Size

Large – 12″ x 14″

The Large size wrap is ideal for storing herbs and leafy vegetables,  wrapping half of  large fruits like papaya and watermelon and for covering large bowls.. Use it to cover a bowl, sealing with the warmth of your hands.  You can also fold the wrap into a small snack baggie to carry and easily eat fruits on the go!  Use and Care instructions are on the product sleeve.

To know more about Madhu Wrap and its use and care read and watch our videos  here.