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Sustainable Interior Design


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Whether we are renovating our entire home, redoing the kids room or simply even changing a lighting fixture, the decisions that we make have an impact not only on the health and safety of our families but also on the environment.

With the market today offering mind boggling options, making responsible and informed choices on design, building materials, paints, fixtures and appliances is a critical step towards adopting sustainable interior design practices and creating  a safe and healthy home environment.

Our decisions and choices can also help conserve water and energy, reduce our carbon footprint and also promote indigenous materials and products.

Home Improvement


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However big or small our homes or however varied our lifestyles, having well organized work areas and storage spaces in our homes make running and managing our homes much easier.

Our lifestyles have a profound impact on how we use our living and work areas and organize our storage spaces. What may be right for one home may not work for another, be it the living room, kitchen or even a closet.

While we often focus on creating maximum volume of storage spaces in our homes, efficient organization and use of living and work areas that suit our lifestyles is as important as having the right kind and right amount of space. Just as there is an endless choice of interior design products, the market today offers an extensive range of storage and organization solutions to suit everyones lifestyles and needs.

Applying an understanding and awareness of our lifestyles to a reorganization exercise of our kitchen or even a bedroom closet using optimal products and techniques can often save time and increase efficiency.

DIY Crafts

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Green Gifting – Solar light jar arrangement – Photo Credit- Brinda Ayer, August 2018

At Urban Creative, we love crafts. Nothing brings more joy than giving or receiving a hand made gift however simple or complex it may be.

Urban Creative focuses on green and sustainable gifting solutions. From potted plants and unique solar light jar arrangements, burlap and Furoshiki gift wrapping, we offer workshops on eco-friendly gifting as well as wrapping solutions.

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