Madhu Wrap

Madhu Wrap

The handcrafted beeswax food wrap

– Natural – Reusable – Biodegradable –

Made with in India


‘Madhu’ means honey in Sanskrit. Made from 100% locally sourced cotton fabric, organic beeswax and cold pressed coconut oil, Madhu Wrap is a handcrafted natural, reusable and biodegradable alternative to plastic, paper and aluminum foil wrap.

Harvested from  honey combs, beeswax is a natural product which has been used since ancient times for various applications including use as candles, as a sealant and in cosmetics. Beeswax as well as coconut oil have antibacterial and antifungal properties, thus helping keep food safer.

Being washable, Madhu Wrap can be reused as many as 100 times!

Madhu Wrap (Beeswax food wrap) Assorted starter set of 3 in Organic Fabric, PC – Brinda Ayer 2018

What can you wrap with Madhu Wrap?

fullsizeoutput_5a8Madhu Wrap can be used to wrap sandwiches and rolls, roti, raw fruit and vegetables, idli, dosa, cheese or paneer. We do not recommend using it to wrap meat.


Wrap a half a papaya to store in the refrigerator for later!

Wrap a sandwich for a snack box

The wrap can be used to cover dishes that are kept in the refrigerator. The wrap moulds with the warmth of your hand and holds shape when folded over food or vessels.

Watch our short video below on how to use Madhu Wrap!

To know more about using and caring for your Madhu Wrap, read on further here




12 thoughts on “Madhu Wrap”

  1. I am so relieved to find an organic substitute for the unhealthy cling wraps and aluminium foils which are harmful for my little ones as well as environment. I Absolutely loved the Madhu wraps!! Thank you !!

      1. It’s a very good as well an uber cool product alternative to plastic and cling films . It’s pretty to look at too. Look forward for more such products which are nice to use and environment friendly and also have that style quotient in them. Urban living is the need of the hour and such products help fulfill that need….!

  2. Tried Madhu wrap. It’s colorful attractive reusable and eco-friendly. Loved using it. Suits the present time.

    1. Hi, while we are getting our online store ready, please browse our products on the shop page and send us a message at with your requirement and will guide you on the payment method. Look forward to hearing back from you !

  3. In ur site you have mention that wrap is not suitable for warping meat or chicken Please let me know why it is so. Thank you

    1. Hi,Thanks for your interest in Madhu Wrap. As a health and safety concern, We do not recommend the wraps for meat, especially raw as the wraps cannot be washed in hot water.

      Please feel free to contact us for any other queries.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your interest in Madhu Wrap. Yes the Wraps and be washed in cold water and reused. Please refer to the website pages on use and care for videos and tips.

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