Urban Creative is an endeavor to adapt our urban homes to a more sustainable and green way of life. Our objective is to develop minimalistic and sustainable products for our homes.

Photo credit – Brinda Ayer , 2016


All the products that we develop are based on three guiding principles –

Locally sourced – As far as possible we source all our material locally to reduce our carbon footprint

Sustainably produced – We try our best to ensure that all the raw material that we procure is produced in a manner that will cause the least damage to the environment and provides local employment. Hence our focus on home grown and organic products. We strive to be plastic free as far as we can. Even our packaging is almost plastic free composed largely of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Minimalist design –  A lot of thought goes into the design of our products to keep them aesthetic and functional while using a few simple parts and minimizing wastage.

Urban Creative has been conceived by Brinda Ayer who is an Environment and Development consultant based out of Mumbai, India. As an Architect with a Masters in Environmental Planning, she has a deep love for beautiful, sustainable and green homes. Urban Creative is a result of that love and passion.

An urban  mother of two active kids who also works out of her home office, she has also realized the importance of  a well organised home to keep the family ship sailing smoothly. Her home though not always in immaculate shape, is often in what she considers a state of organised chaos !!

She is also available for consultation on sustainable/ green interior design solutions as well as home improvement and organization. Read more about how Urban Creative can assist you in making your home more sustainable and green. For more information write to us here