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Beeswax food wrap

Schools in Mumbai have started in full swing after the scorching summer break and in addition to the monsoon, Mumbai is drowning in the plastic ban crisis. Never before has the ubiquitous plastic bag achieved such an exalted status!

Every morning all urban* mothers (and hopefully some fathers) are facing the conundrum of packing the ‘school dabba’ without using plastic cling film and other  packaging. Plastic cling film, tissue paper and aluminum foil have unfortunately become integral to our dabba packing process. While aluminum  and paper towels are not on the banned list, they are a scarce resource that require large amounts of energy for production.

School Dabba, PC – Brinda Ayer, July 2018

(* I refer to an urban population as studies have shown that higher the income group  greater is the household waste generated, especially non-compostable waste including plastic, paper and glass.)

Plastic, paper and aluminum foil wraps, PC – Brinda Ayer, August 2018

Ironically, many schools in other western countries are now promoting waste free lunches, where children’s lunch boxes do not include any disposable packing. I think it is a wonderful idea which can easily be adopted by schools here. It is also a gentle reminder to us that many of our traditional household practices were more environment friendly (Including packing a waste free dabba!). As a child, I do not recall carrying any disposable packing in the school snack box.

Hence, in search of a better alternative to plastic film, paper napkins and aluminum foil, I came across beeswax food wraps. This is what people used in ancient times to seal and preserve food !

Manufactured from honeycombs, natural beeswax is an  inert material and is safe for contact with food. It is also anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature.

Urban Creative introduces Madhu Wrap, one of the first beeswax food wraps in India which is handcrafted using locally sourced materials and fabrics. Madhu Wrap is a natural, reusable and biodegradable alternative to plastic wraps and aluminum foil.

Madhu Wrap by Urban Creative – The Handcrafted Beeswax food wrap, PC – Brinda Ayer, August 2018

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a set contact us here


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  1. Bento bag
    The design of these bento bags is easy for buying and storing vegetables in the fridge. The bags are handy for carrying to the market and vegetables can go from the market straight to the fridge.

    Beeswax wraps
    These beeswax wraps are very easy to use and cut fruits stay fresher as compared to plastic cling film. I also feel good that I avoid using plastic. The fabric prints are are also very nice !

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